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Kim, Jung Soo

Kim Jung Soo, a contemporary artist predominantly active in Chicago and Seoul, creates interactive installations that engage and transform the audience from passive observers into active participants. Her art primarily explores the concept of spatial identity, using sensory elements like lighting, reflections, and the environment to heighten focus, empathy, and a sense of personal and collective space. These installations are site-specific, adapting to the surrounding environment—sometimes invoking a meditative calm, other times a playful exploration. Through these varied interactions, Kim encourages her audience to expand their psychogeography, enhancing their awareness of the complex interplay between individual identity and the broader societal context. Her work is a commentary on urban life and human connections, reflecting on the ephemeral nature of city narratives and the persistent traces of human interaction within these spaces.

She graduated BFA in Seoul Women’s University major in Contemporary Art, MFA in School of the Art Institute of Chicago(SAIC) Major in Art and Technology / Sound Practice.