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 Average Human Project

Talking with Average Human 
Kim, Jung Soo,
unity game engine, 10min performance, 2023, Chicago

‘Talking with Average Human’ is a performance work in Kim, Jung Soo's <Average Human Project> series built with a Unity game engine.

In this work, the artist has a question-and-answer conversation with the human 3D model chatbot in the coffin for about 10 minutes. The artist's question is ambiguous and requires a lot of time and thought to answer it realistically, but the 3D model chatbot cuts off the question and answer with a very simple single-word. The chatbot is Chat GPT that become a hot topic and started to be used by the most people worldwide. In Kim, Jung Soo's [Talking with Average Human] work, the 3D model chatbot is linked to Chat GPT to update and answer the most commonly used words based on individual virtual data. Therefore, the chatbot's answer to the artist's question is simpler than expected, but at the same time, it can be said to be the “the most safe" answer extracted from sentences and words commonly used in the virtual world.

We live in the present day as an individual of multi-character in physical space and virtual space. While Kim, Jung Soo’s conversation in ‘Talking with Average Human’ performance, audiences can imagine how the “the most safe" or “the most common" answer's would be different in physical space and virtual space each other. Also, audiences can compare how they can answer to this question and how their answers would be different from the average human(3D model chatbot) in the virtual world.

Furthermore, Kim, Jung Soo asks the question of whether we actively exist in virtual space. In the virtual space, which is accessed daily, we are not actively expressing the individual, but the direction lead by the platform. At this time, we need to wonder whether the "the most safe" chatbot based on our data really contains our individuals and whether we are living as an individual who has no choice but to use the tools provided by the platform.

What is the most important thing in the world?