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Kim, Jung Soo
Laser, Arduino, microphone sensor, hose, 3d sculpture

[Breath] is a part of the [Sensory Spatial Travel] series, serving as an interactive  artwork where individuals project themselves beyond their 'bodies' into space. 
Extending a portion of the 'body' into the spatial realm and experiencing it in various  forms represent a transition from self-cognition to self-recognition.

[Breath] engages in ontological exploration, asking 'who am I?' and 'where do I exist?'  It externalizes the concept of self, allowing everyone to observe themselves as we  transition from private to public, thus externalizing and personifying 'me' into 'you.'

A  portion of the self becomes the 'other,' and in the process of observing this  transformation, viewers also undergo a perceptual shift in spatial awareness.

Breath is invisible,
but it is considered to be the component that makes us.

Our breath, which proves to be alive, is sublime in itself,
but at the same time,
its existence is easily forgotten like invisible air.

It creates a visual effect by linking invisible individual breaths with random data values.

The audience who participates in this interactive work experiences the otherization while their breaths are scattered into space,
and at the same time,
shares the invisible element of "I" with everyone.