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Room Sweet Room
Kim, Jung Soo
3D game engine unity , HMD(oculus), 2021, Seoul, South Korea

<Room Sweet Room> is a work that came out while thinking about where the contact point is now when offline-based lifestyles are expanding into online spaces. The very personal "room" space is the place where the radius of life expands most smoothly after COVID-19 to online space. The room can be a school classroom, an office of an office worker, a playroom through HMD devices, or a place of conversation with friends. People are still experiencing and familiarizing themselves with parts that are still awkward and difficult to apply to real life. On the other hand, our bodies insist on occupying space offline through movement. People reveal their individuality through movement. Movement represents 'me' at that moment, which cannot always be the same. I think the appearance of the body that occupies space momentarily with this movement is most suitable for the term personal space. However, the meaning of the existing personal space is passive and relationship-oriented as the minimum space of individuals expressed in society. I am expanding my personal space in individual directions through the element of movement.

Speacial Thanks to,
Hyunchul Kim (KAIST Graduate School of Culture Technology)
Arko Museum
*The artwork was supported by the Arko Museum and  KAIST Graduate School of Culture and Technology.*

If so, the question naturally comes to mind,

"How is the extended personal space expressed in online space?"

<Room sweet room> is the starting point for studying this question.

How will one's individuality be represented in virtual space?

In what way and with what movements will we live on the new home of our lives?